Stumptown {take 2}

Last weekend a few of us roamed NYC on a sunny Sunday afternoon and I led the pack to Stumptown for a coffee break inside the darkly lit Ace Hotel Lounge. Olivia was also in the city and as a dental hygienist, she told me to “swish” my mouth with water after (every sip of) coffee. O dear!

Joe the Art of Coffee

While I reached for my coffee lid by the milk station, I accidentally knocked over my Americano all over the bar. The barista was sweet enough to make me a fresh one in no time though. It was a light roast and a bit citrusy; I prefer the nuttier/velvety taste but with a splash of milk it tasted just fine. The shoppe is hidden inside Grand Central, but worth looking for.

Birch Coffee & Cocoa Bar

Birch - Manhattan

Yes well, I had a long day in the city today so I went to 2 new coffee shops. In the morning I was headed to Stumptown for a second re-visit with my laptop on-hand, but remembered they only take cash & I was cashless - so Birch was only a few blocks down. Birch has a friendly staff, and the first floor is cheery. Their famous “library” is upstairs after you climb up a little stairwell that feels like somebody’s tiny apartment, and you walk in - and it continues to feel like somebody’s tiny apartment. A row of mini tables for 2, a bar table and stools for more, a wall lined with outlets, another wall lined with paperback books, an AC on low (I guess it gets kinda stuffy up there?), a laid back couch, and a balcony overlooking the 1st floor. Small but cozy - it feels like you found a hidden room behind a secret door inside of NYC. {Warning: only 1 hr of wifi.}

Their latte, though pricey for its size, was good and mine was pretty. Props to my barista. 

Cocoa - Brooklyn

After an interview, I met up with a new/old friend, Annabelle, in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a new project that I’d love to take on; I know it less than Manhattan and I want to get to know its personality (other than “hipster”). After I got a bagel with avocado cream cheese (delish - I forget the name of this place but they had a wide array of creative cream cheeses to choose from; would love to try the others), we went to Cocoa Bar. The place is bigger than it looks from the outside with a hidden nook in the back. That nook is for quiet reading & studying, and the front is more social. Cocoa’s cool because they’re also wine experts with a full bar. One guy was sipping on a beautiful glass while studying. 

Their drip was strong, and well, by 4PM I was on my 3rd cup so I really felt it. 
Back in the city again tomorrow. 

Ridgewood Coffee Company

A few of us (Kyoks, Ariella, Nina, & I) got together for a late lunch at a korean tofu house (always a good choice), and later migrated to this cute, tiny coffee shop for dessert and java and more talking. The coffee house itself is small and gets crowded really fast, but has an artsy local culture with someone’s art hanging on the walls and apparently live music once in a while (also a huge list of flavored lattes if you’re into that). I got the dirty chai, which is chai with whole milk and a shot of espresso. I’ve only tried this drink a few times before but it was a bit funky (but maybe that’s what they’re supposed to be) - pretty bitter with a sharp earthy aftertaste and a punch of heart palpitations. It’s a different alternative to coffee when you’re in the mood. {Gets the job done to say the least.}

The Stuffed Cupcake

I was on my way to the public library (that place never gets old, I swear) to get some work done but I wanted a nice big cup of coffee to keep me company. In my town of Nutley though, there are absolutely no decent coffee places so I was about to walk into a dinky bagel joint until I walked past The Stuffed Cupcake. Since it was quiet with free wi-fi, I ate a whole cupcake that wasn’t on my agenda…